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New Year - New Yoni?

If you've felt neglected or just in a low mood over the recent festive season, it's been the same for lots of people, including me too. But not is all lost unless your G Spot disappeared!

My quest this year was to be snuggled up in bed one cold afternoon to find a suitable porn movie to watch, whereby it’s the "women who are the Goddesses" that are looked after, desired, and treated like the most exquisite beings that we are, but it seemed an impossible task.

Sexual movies have been geared towards the enjoyment of men, often with women taking second place. Ladies, we are liberated women, are we not? And enjoy sex as much as anyone, but as you know, it takes us slightly longer to climax, so unless you've got an A-List Expert lady partner, husband, wife or a G Spot Tickler there to help in that department, then it’s up to us to figure out how we can be the ones, who can selflessly lay back and simply enjoy the moment, experiencing ALL of our most precious sensations, whilst someone else pampers us in the bedroom

It's time to take hold, and claim your rights to enjoy a blissful, selfish V Massage only at OOH AH


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