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Ladies, what do you call Your private parts?

Cosmopolitan Magazine ran an interesting article about the various different names we refer to our Vulva's and I'm asked all the time for different vagina term massages.  Most popular request is for a full body pussy massage so I'd be interested to hear how you refer to yours ladies.

Personally I say "My Cookie", which did not appear in the Cosmopolitan article, so it got me thinking how interesting it would be to hear your comments, names, thoughts and suggestions.

As OOH-AH receives visitors from all across the Globe, I've be keen to learn of the differences in names from your original language too, for example someone from Mexico refers to their vagina as La Vagina or Cuevita "Little Cave"

What name would you give   your Yoni / Vulva? 

Thanks for helping!

We will compile the results and

post the findings, so do check

us out again soon

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