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What do you call Your Vagina?

I've come across a brilliant little article in Cosmopolitan whereby they've gathered stats and done their research into the many different terms, us ladies call our bits down there !

See below for more information

A definitive ranking of all the weird (and funny) words for vagina
From muff to minge... and beyond 👀 by Jessica Lockett

There are a vast array of terms used, so much so, that I thought I'd provide the link to read more and at the same time, ask you, which term you use for your Vulva?

Yes, Vulva ladies, but it does does not seem the coin the right phrase but ladies that's exactly what we are born with yet we're reluctant to call it by its' true and proper name Vulva or even Vagina. Wonder why that is?

​Some of the most popular terms from the article in Cosmopolitan include
Fanny, Muff, Penis Fly Trap, Pussy, Vag, Bits, Minky, Balingo, Thingy, Vajayjay, Vagine, Bean, Downstairs, Fandango, Beaver, Front Bottom, Doo-DAH, Noo Noo OR EVEN Va'jina Fuddi and Punany all show up on Google.
Whatever you refer to yours as, it'll be the same wonderful experience enjoying a VMassage combined with a deeply relaxing full body massage only at OOH-AH
Let us know what terms, reference or names you use for yours !

Send an email to with your response or complete the mini questionnaire

And maybe, you can also tell us what term you use when referring to your breasts too?

Thank you so much :)


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